Analytical strategies to improve data quality in biomarker discovery

april 29, 2020

Free Webinar 5 May @9:00 or 17:00 (CET)


The accurate identification of biomarkers in biological samples – such as volatiles in breath, saliva and urine – has the potential to provide rapid, minimally-invasive disease diagnosis. However, diagnostic compounds are rarely of high abundance in these complex matrices, so a sensitive and comprehensive approach is required to discover the maximum number of compounds in a realistic run time.

By attending this webinar you will...

  • Find out how thermal desorption (TD) provides sample security and integrity in breath biomarker workflows.
  • See how two-dimensional GC allows you to discover more from your samples.
  • Learn about the advantages of BenchTOF™ mass spectrometers for sensitive detection and confident identification.
  • See real world examples for robust and repeatable biomarker discovery.