News from Wiley

januari 26, 2024

Efter många år med "Non target Analysis" så finns det många goda hjälpmedel. Har jobbat med GC/GC i kombination med TOF-MS och både bra databaser samt även multivariat dataanalys så som exempelvis ChromCompare+.

NIST/Wiley är största tillgängliga databasen för masspektra men ofta har man bättre hjälp av dedikerade databaser.

With Wiley’s NEW Food, Flavors, Fragrances, and Related Compounds GC-MS Library, you can
accelerate your analytical workflow with a collection specifically designed to provide the compound
coverage you need when it comes to food testing and product development.
This subscription provides access to more than 13,000 GC-MS spectra with focused compound
coverage including essential oils, lipids, volatile organic compounds, terpenes, herbicides, insecticides,
and other compounds of importance for food, flavor, fragrance, and cannabis applications.