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maj 4, 2017

We have a new colleague!

Building on our successful year 2016 we now have a new colleague working at Hyperions. Jan Nordin joined the Hyperions Family from April 17. Jan is probably well known for many of you already, for the ones who does not know Jan here is a link to his Linkedin

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Training courses

By merging our training course program together with Chemalys we have increased our portfolio of training programs. Please see link to Chemalys for the program here.

If there is a training you miss and would be interested to join, let us know and we can tailor one for you.


You can now lease you analytical systems from Hyperions!

Why buy a system when you can lease the system including warranty and PM's ?


Complete Rigol L-3000 HPLC - 885 EUR/month

Complete LC, Rigol L-3000 LC system, Quaternary pump, UV, Autosampler, PC and software for 885 EUR/Month*

*Conditions: Ex VAT, 26 months, 10% rest value, 3 years full warranty including 2 PM visits


Complete GC System with Dual FID - 468 EUR/month

Complete GC, Hyperions HIGC9010+, Dual FID, Dual capillary inlet, PC and software for 468 EUR/month*

* Conditions: Ex VAT, 36 months, 10% rest value, 3 years full warranty including 2 PM visits


Do you want Accurate Mass and Ion Mobility in your lab?

We have a fully refurbished Waters Synapt G1 IMS mass spectrometer with 1 year warranty and full specification for sale.

To learn more about our attractive price on this Synapt G1 please contact us on the following link info@hyperions.co.

OBS! There is only one system for sale.


Who are Hyperions?

Hyperions is a new a laboratory supplier who started its business in April 2016. We operate our business with focus on customer satisfaction and long term relationship.

With our long experience from this market we feel well suited for bringing new high quality brands on to the European market.

We have certified engineers available for installation, service and maintenance.

We encourage you to take a look around on our webpage www.hyperions.eu to explore our portfolio of products. It will continuously be extended and our web shop is already under development.

Products you can find at the homepage are: HPLC, GC, MALDI, SIMS, UV-VIS, ELSD, AAS, Process Monitoring, Gas Generators, Lab Furnitures, New Technology, Training courses and soon Accessories for LC and MS.

Hope to see you soon or hear from you soon,


Kennet Joelsson                  Steen Pontoppidan                     Jan Nordin

kj@hyperions.co                  sp@hyperions.co                         jn@hyperions.co

+46 723 870264                   +45 4040 4501                            +46 704 137898


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