Longyearbyen, Svalbard, March 2015

november 25, 2014

227_svalbardIonization Principles in Organic and Inorganic Mass Spectrometry.

Since the new iQT will be available with Cold EI a general presentation  with focus on this technique and Supersonic Ionization  will be presented in cooperation with PerkinElmer.

228_svalbardSupersonic molecular beams are formed by the expansion of gas through a small shaped nozzle into a vacuum chamber. In this expansion, the carrier gas combined with added helium make-up gas and heavier sample molecules obtain the same final velocity, so that sample compounds are accelerated to the helium velocity. This uniform velocity ensures slow intra-beam relative motion and collisions during the supersonic expansion, resulting in vibrational cooling of the sample compounds. (source Aviv Analytical)

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